Microsoft Arc Mouse

KSh 16,500

Microsoft Arc Mouse Specs

  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Snaps flat and slips easily into pocket or bag
  • Innovative full scroll plane for vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth
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Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is a portable and innovative computer mouse designed and manufactured by Microsoft. It is known for its sleek and compact design, making it an excellent choice for people who are frequently on the go and need a mouse that can easily fit in their bag or pocket.

Key features of the Microsoft Arc Mouse include:

  1. Foldable Design: The most distinctive feature of the Arc Mouse is its foldable design. When not in use, you can flatten the mouse to turn it off, and it becomes incredibly slim and easy to carry. To use it, you can simply curve it into an arc shape, which turns it on and provides a comfortable grip.
  2. Bluetooth Connectivity: The Arc Mouse connects to your computer or device via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for a USB receiver. This allows for a wireless and clutter-free experience.
  3. Touch Scrolling: Instead of a traditional scroll wheel, the Arc Mouse features a touch-sensitive surface that enables smooth and responsive scrolling. You can scroll both vertically and horizontally by swiping your finger on the surface.
  4. Precise Tracking: The mouse is equipped with Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, which offers precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces, including glass.
  5. Customizable Buttons: The Arc Mouse typically has two buttons (left and right click), but it may also have additional customizable buttons depending on the model. These buttons can be programmed to perform specific functions or launch applications.
  6. Battery Life: The mouse is powered by batteries, and its battery life can vary depending on usage. Microsoft claims that it can last several months on a single set of batteries.
  7. Compatibility: Microsoft Arc Mouse is designed to work with various Windows and macOS computers, as well as Android devices that support Bluetooth.

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