Samsung Galaxy S21 8GB /128GB ROM Duos with eSIM 

KSh 40,000

Samsung Galaxy S21 8GB /128GB ROM Duos with eSIM 


  •  8GB RAM
  • – 128/256GB ROM
  • – 12MP + 64MP + 12MP Triple Rear Camera
  • – 10MP Front Camera
  • – WiFi 6
  • – NFC
  • – Bluetooth 5.1
  • – Dual SIM with eSIM
  • – 5G SA/NSA
  • – Fingerprint Sensor
  • – IP68
  • – 4000mAh Battery


Samsung Galaxy S21 8GB /128GB ROM Duos with eSIM 

Samsung Galaxy S21 8GB /128GB ROM Duos with eSIM offers several benefits:

  1. Dual SIM Capability: With eSIM functionality, you can have dual SIM capability without needing to physically insert a second SIM card. This means you can easily switch between two different phone numbers or plans, which can be especially useful for travelers or individuals who want to separate personal and work calls.
  2. More Space for Storage: By utilizing eSIM, you free up the SIM card slot for additional storage, allowing you to expand your phone’s memory capacity with a microSD card if needed. This is particularly useful for storing large files such as photos, videos, or apps.
  3. Flexibility and Convenience: eSIM technology allows you to activate a new cellular plan without needing to visit a physical store or wait for a SIM card to arrive in the mail. This can be especially convenient if you frequently switch between different carriers or travel internationally.
  4. Enhanced Security: eSIM technology offers enhanced security features compared to traditional SIM cards, such as remote provisioning and encryption, which can help protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access to your device.
  5. Future-Proofing: As more carriers and mobile devices adopt eSIM technology, using a phone with eSIM capability ensures that you’ll be able to take advantage of new features and services as they become available in the future.

Overall, using a Samsung Galaxy S21 with eSIM functionality offers greater flexibility, convenience, and security compared to traditional SIM card-based phones.


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