MRX43 MacBook Pro 14” M3 Pro 18GB 1TB Black Laptop

KSh 365,000

MRX43 MacBook Pro 14” M3 Pro 18GB 1TB Black Laptop


CPU – Processor
M3 11-Core CPU
Memory (RAM): 18GB
Storage: 1TB SSD
Condition: New
CPU Cores: Eleven
Screen Size: 14″
Graphics: M3 14-Core GPU


MRX43 MacBook Pro 14” M3 Pro 18GB 1TB Black Laptop

MRX43 MacBook Pro 14” M3 Pro 18GB 1TB Black Laptop is a powerful machine! Here are some potential benefits of using it:

  1. Performance: With the M3 Pro processor and 18GB of RAM, you can expect excellent performance for a variety of tasks, from everyday browsing to demanding professional applications like video editing or 3D rendering.
  2. Portability: The 14-inch form factor strikes a good balance between screen real estate and portability. It’s small and light enough to easily carry around, making it suitable for work on the go.
  3. Storage: The 1TB storage capacity provides ample space for storing files, applications, and multimedia content without worrying about running out of space quickly.
  4. Retina Display: Apple’s Retina display technology ensures sharp, vibrant visuals, making it great for creative work, watching movies, or simply enjoying high-resolution content.
  5. Battery Life: Depending on the model, MacBook Pros typically offer good battery life, allowing you to work for extended periods without needing to plug in.
  6. Build Quality: Apple is known for its high build quality and attention to detail. The MacBook Pro’s aluminum unibody construction not only looks sleek but also enhances durability.
  7. Ecosystem Integration: If you already use other Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad, the MacBook Pro seamlessly integrates with them through features like Handoff, Continuity Camera, and iCloud, enhancing your overall productivity and user experience.
  8. Security: macOS is known for its robust security features, including Gatekeeper, FileVault encryption, and regular security updates, helping to keep your data safe from online threats.
  9. Customer Support: Apple offers a comprehensive support system, including AppleCare for hardware repairs and Apple Stores for in-person assistance, ensuring that you’re covered in case of any issues.

Overall, the MRX43 MacBook Pro 14” M3 Pro 18GB 1TB Black Laptop seems like a solid choice for users who prioritize performance, portability, and reliability.


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